Helping our returning neighbors

Our organization empowers men & women whose lives have been impacted by crime with the necessary essentials they need to have a successful transition into law-abiding productive citizens.

Donations are matched up to $30,000

A Strong community begins with strong families

Our vision is to disciple, enable, and equip returning men and women in transition to become passionate followers of Jesus Christ and be an asset to our community.

pre-transition training | Housing | Job Assistance | Community Impact

Our Central Focus

Meeting Immediate Needs

  • Provide transitional housing, food, clothing
  • Obtain employment / enroll in job training

Social & Spiritual Development

  • Disciple residents into Christian maturity Nurture desire to volunteer + serve the community.
  • Develop skills in conflict resolution and anger management.
  • Renew and or strengthen quality relationships with family and community
    Relapse prevention.
  • Cultivate moral values and responsibility.


  • Develop / strengthen ability to read + write
  • Improve financial ability
  • Cultivate basic life skills
  • Encourage enrollment in courses to obtain a better job
    (ex. Computer or trade courses)

Economic Empowerment

  • Develop a budget and improve credit
  • Maintain a savings account
  • Encourage positive work habits + work ethic